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Normanhurst Child Care Centre is a purpose built and equipped Long Day Care Centre. It is a licensed multicultural Centre catering for up to 48 children aged between 0-5 years. The Centre is open 50 weeks per year Monday to Friday between 7:00am and 6:00pm. We are open all year with the exception of Public Holidays and 2 weeks during the Christmas period. Dates will be advised. 

Fees from January 2024:

0 to 2 years $172.00 per day

2 to 3 years $162.00 per day

3 to 5 years $152.00 per day


This classroom caters for up to 12 children per day aged between 6 weeks and 2 years of age. There are 3 main Educators in the room each day.

The indoor learning environment for this age group is a stimulating environment with room for children to explore at their own pace. We offer flexible routines that allow for consistency with family routines, large blocks of time for play and learning, and children’s choice and direction on experiences through the day.



This classroom caters for up to 15 children per day aged between 2-3 years of age. There are 3 main Educators in the room each day.

Spaces within the room reflect children’s interests and are responsive to their abilities, catering for different learning capacities.  Children’s developing social needs are supported through music and movement experiences.  Children learn the skills needed to care, share, collaborate and use their emotions in a positive way.



This classroom caters for up to 20 children per day aged between 3-5 years of age. There are 2 main Educators in the room each day.

The learning environment is bright and welcoming, arranged to invite and encourage varied forms of play and learning throughout the day. We encourage learning through immersion with innovative and interesting forms of literacy and numeracy experiences embedded within the curriculum to develop the children’s skills at a level that is developmentally appropriate for them. 

The program is designed to ensure that children are interested in learning by planning learning around children’s interests so they are engaged to explore, investigate and learn. These experiences give ownership to children and encourage their problem solving and decision-making skills.

The following items need to be brought each day your child attends the Centre and please ensure your child’s belongings are clearly labelled with their full name -

  • A backpack – this should be easy for your child to open and close themselves without adult assistance. Please ensure that it is large enough to accommodate your child’s spare clothes and artwork.
  • Spare clothes– these need to be appropriate for all weather conditions. Children get distressed when they have to wear clothes that don’t belong to them. Accidents occur and are not always caused by wet pants. They are often caused by the spilling of paint, water or other craft activities.
  • A sun safe hat – this needs to protect your child’s face, neck and ears and must be brought all year round regardless of the weather conditions. We recommend that parents apply sunscreen to their child every day before they bring them to the Centre. This encourages good habits from an early age.
  • Water bottle – all children need to bring a water bottle every day.
  • Comforter – if required.
  • The Centre provides all bottles, teats, cups and a range of formulas (S26 Gold 1 and 2, S26 Lactose Free, S26 Soy). If your child uses a different formula to these you will be required to provide this and if your child uses bottles or teats that we do not have please feel free to bring these in with your child’s name clearly labelled on them.

We understand it can be stressful for parents to leave their children with new faces, especially in the early stages. For this reason, we have a strong emphasis on communicating with parents and whilst we would always welcome the opportunity to talk with you personally, we employ several different methods to ensure that we are always available to you, ensuring we are all kept well informed.

  • OWNA App – the Centre has a secure mobile-based portfolio platform that aims to ensure your child receives the best support possible and that you are involved and kept up-to-date with your child’s development. It allows parents to see their child’s activities at any time while Educators can share photos, videos, stories and reflections in real time. Parents can read and respond to posts, upload photos and videos and stay updated on announcements and calendar events. Important information and upcoming events are sent by the app
  • Communication pockets – every child has a pocket in which notices and letters are placed. Parents may also use these to pass on information to other parents.
  • Reports – the Centre completes developmental progress reports which are sent home mid-year and at the end of year which explains your child’s development and answers any questions you may have regarding learning and development and school readiness.
  • Email – our email system is heavily used internally and we encourage parents to communicate with us via email if they so choose.

The Centre has a qualified cook and provides five meals daily, consisting of a nutritionally balanced menu of breakfast, morning tea, a hot lunch, afternoon tea and a late afternoon tea. Full cream milk and light milk is served to suit the daily menu, and fresh water is available throughout the day. A weekly menu is displayed in the foyer and the daily menu is displayed on the Centres App.

We cater for children with allergies and dietary requirements and encourage children’s healthy eating and physical activity using a range of fun, play-based learning experiences in consultation with Munch & Move NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth to 5 years.

Due to the increased number of children with an anaphylaxis reaction to nuts, the Centre is NUT AWARE. To assist us with this, we ask that your child does not bring any food or drink, of any kind, into the Centre. We also ask that if your child has had a nut product to eat before arriving at the Centre that you ensure that they brush their teeth and thoroughly wash their hands before coming into the Centre.

The first day is not always easy. For many it is a new experience separating from parents as well as adjusting to a new environment. All children are individuals and the time it takes to settle into the new environment will be different for each child. 

Parents and children are welcome to visit the Centre before your child’s first day so that they can become familiar with staff and premises. Please call the Director to organise these visits. Parents are encouraged to stay for a short period. Sometimes, it is better to leave your child but return early and spend time in the Centre in the afternoon (it all depends on your child).

It is important that before the first day you talk with your child about the Centre and what they can expect, this helps with the transition. Orientation days are also encouraged. Please remember that children pick up on the feelings of their parents and if you are unsure or anxious about leaving your child, please talk to the Director or Educators.

You are welcome to call the Centre during the day to see how your child is going. It is most important that you always say good bye to your child before you leave the Centre, even if you feel this is distressing to your child. If you fail to do this it can lead to mistrust and adds to the distress for your child.

The Centre cannot provide adequate care for sick or contagious children so please keep your child at home if they are unwell. Please show consideration for others if your child has a cough or cold as these spread quickly in the Centres environment. Keeping them at home will reduce the risk of infections being spread at the Centre and will allow for your child to recover quickly.

A Doctor’s Certificate is necessary for re-admission to the Centre after an infectious illness. Only authorised medicines can be administered to the children. These must be fully labelled and the details of the dose and when the medicine is to be given must be written daily on a medication form. 

Children with the following conditions must be excluded from the Centre as per the Centre's Health Policy Statement.

- Coloured discharge from the eyes

- Vomiting

- Diarrhoea

- Fever, lethargic, irritable or tired

- Live lice or eggs

Keep your child at home while any symptoms of an illness remain and for 24 hours from commencing antibiotics to ensure they have no side effects to the medication. Children who are experiencing fevers, vomiting or diarrhoea need to remain home until symptoms have stopped for at least 24 hours.

Parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child if they develop a temperature, vomiting or diarrhoea. If parents cannot be reached an emergency contact person will be contacted and asked to collect the child.

All parents are required to give permission at the time of enrolment for their child to be given treatment in the event of an emergency where medical, dental, hospital treatment or ambulance service is required.

CCS stands for Child Care Subsidy, and it is a government program in Australia that helps families with the cost of child care. As an Australian family in NSW, you may be eligible for the CCS if you meet certain criteria.

The CCS is available to families with children aged 0-13 years who use approved child care services such as long day care, family day care, outside school hours care and vacation care. The subsidy amount you receive depends on your family's income, the type of care you use, and the hours of care you need.

To be eligible for the CCS, you and your partner (if applicable) must pass an activity test and meet residency requirements. The activity test is designed to assess your level of work, study, training or other recognised activity, such as volunteering or actively looking for work.

If you are eligible, you will need to apply for the CCS through your myGov account and provide the required documents to support your claim. Once your claim is processed, the CCS will be paid directly to your child care provider to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

It's important to note that the CCS is subject to change, and you should check the Australian Government's Department of Education, Skills and Employment website for the most up-to-date information on eligibility and how to apply.

You can find more information Services Auatralia about CCS using this link:


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